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Why Computer-delivered IELTS?

Meet computer-delivered IELTS: the same IELTS test you know, delivered via computer, with multiple test sessions a day and fast results.

If you choose this new option, you will take the Listening, Reading and Writing sections using a computer. The Speaking test will remain face-t0-face. All other aspects of the test are identical, whether it is taken on paper or on computer.

Benefits of computer-delivered IELTS are:

  • Multiple test sessions per week; you can find a schedule that best suits you

  • Results in 5 - 7 days

  • Same day Speaking tests; you will be able to complete all four sections of IELTS in one day

  • Noise-cancelling headphones for the Listening test

  • Modern purpose-build lab and Speaking rooms

Benefits of the IELTS Speaking test are:

  • Private Speaking test rooms, free from noise and distraction

  • The examiner can match your pace and level of English, repeat and rephrase a question for you

  • There's no 'time-out'

CES-SOS Test Centre is the only test centre that provides computer-delivered IELTS in downtown Calgary. You can book your IELTS test here.

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